It’s Amazing how Much can be Saved by Using a Fleet Fuel Card

Aug 15, 2014

As a fleet manager it is your responsibility to ensure that the budget assigned to your fleet is properly allocated. With fuel expenses being far and away the greatest expense for a fleet year over year, it is crucial to ensure that you are not overspending at the pump. With a reimbursement program or gas credit card, not only are you missing out on the lowest fuel prices, but you are creating unnecessary paperwork to add to the already numerous responsibilities of a fleet controller.

Fleet Fuel Cards vs. Gas Cards

A gas card allows a corporation or individual to garner rewards points or cash back percentages based entirely on fuel purchases. Whereas, a fleet card gives businesses the ability to purchase not only fuel, but also certain maintenance services from within a network of authorized fuel and maintenance merchants. In addition to this, you are saving your fleet thousands of dollars annually through available rebates – which can be as high as $0.10 per gallon – and highly detailed reporting; an aspect which significantly reduces unauthorized and fraudulent charges at merchant locations.

Fleet Card Level 3 Reporting will show exactly when and where your fleet dollars are being spent

A key advantage that FleetCardsCanada's Fleet Fuel Cards have over other business expense programs is the in-depth insight fleet managers have into the utilization of company fleet cards. While level 2 reporting from most corporate cards provides purchase details unavailable in Level 1 reports – fuel grade, number of gallons, cost per gallon and line-item detail of non-fuel purchases – it pales in comparison to the transactional transparency of level 3 reporting.

With numerous fleet vehicles and drivers to maintain and coordinate, in addition to the other day-to-day duties you have as a fleet manager, the level 3 reporting available from Fleet Cards Canada is pertinent to protecting your company's bottom line. This third level of reporting provides full visibility of how fleet dollars are being expensed. To supplement the information available in the preceding reports, level 3 transaction data reports the vehicle and driver ID numbers, odometer readings, and line-item detail of all purchases. This glaring transactional tracking benefits you with the control necessary to proficiently manage the fleet budget – an opportunity unavailable with gas cards or corporate cards.

Fleet Fuel Cards from Fleet Cards Canada give you the control you need

Whether your fleet reimburses its drivers for fuel expenses, or they are trusted with a corporate card for fuel purchases, it's near impossible to verify that only authorized transactions are being conducted. We all want to be trusting of one another, but being able to

In order to take full control of your fleet expenses and remove the guesswork, it is imperative to apply for a fleet card. The controls and features of fleet cards reduce unauthorized/ fraudulent spending, limit product types that can be purchased by specific cardholders, as well as set time periods for which the cards are active.

Fleet Card Benefits and Control Features

  • Manage your company’s fuel and maintenance expenses with timely detailed reporting
  • Save money by reducing fraudulent fuel charges
  • Save time by reducing paperwork
  • Driver prompts help prevent fraud and let you track your purchases by driver and vehicle
  • Account management restricts purchases and blocks cards
  • Update PIN numbers
  • View real-time transactions
  • Change purchasing restrictions
  • Easily locate fueling locations
  • Reduced card fees
  • Dedicated customer service teams

These impressive benefits and vast range of control over a fleet's budget is only available to fleet card holders. While corporate gas cards might be enticing for the consolidation factor, the risk of unauthorized expenditures and lack of savings through rebates lead them to weigh heavily on a company's profit margin.